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A couple of things to keep in mind:

1) These are all real clients, who have graciously agreed to share their experiences.

2) Specific results shared are not necessarily typical. These are all extraordinary and successful people with serious commitment to overcoming their current limits and to create the results they want in life. They worked hard, were decisive and resourceful and often had to push through obstacles to succeed as they have, along with enrolling my direct help as their coach.

- Career Professionals & Executives -

Overcoming Fear To Soar Into 6-Figures & Beyond

"Now I don't "get" lucky with a job when I go out and interview the company! Every company I interview with is "we want you!" Last time I was interviewing for a job, I was interviewing them. All four of them came back with an offer and I was the one that was in control!

The best part was that everyone at these companies, had at least 3-5 people with exactly what's on my resume on theirs, what made the difference was I was able to really communicate effectively and very confidently but without being overly tense and not being too laid back, and I was able to negotiate more flexible things like more PTO, flexible hours, etc and got exactly what I wanted..."

Nick Lattanze
IT Manager, ASM Research

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Executive Balances Work & Life (Leila)

"What I appreciated most about working with David as my coach is that he helped me see that what I had separated as personal goals and professional goals are really interrelated. I am more successful, more fulfilled when I’m able to address both. And in a way that’s different from a mentor or colleague he holds me accountable for commitments I’ve made during the coaching sessions.

David helps me uncover challenges and focus on things I’ve accepted as being part of my personality or ‘who I am.’ He shifts my focus to what my goals are and what I want to accomplish."

Leila Violano
Director, Comcast

Dead-End Career To New, Exciting New Frontier 

"Through working with David in his program, I can say that without a doubt, I have become much more confident! The truth is; I did not expect to gain confidence when I began the program…I kind of thought I might learn to “look more confident or appear more confident”. However to my surprise, I can honestly say I feel and am more confident!

I have been able to do things I never thought I could have. I am giving presentations, going to college and participating in class discussions. I am more outgoing and carefree at work, school, and with friends. I am able to start conversations almost wherever I am and have made many new friends and acquaintances, and most amazingly- I am much freer of anxiety in social interactions!

No matter where you presently are in your life or what causes you to hold yourself back….David can help. If you work with David you can, and will become more confident. I am forever grateful.  Thank you David!"

Elizabeth C.
Head Nurse

Ex-Military Man Skyrockets His Career In The Private Sector

 I am taking a much more lucrative position come July (about $50K more a year). I will be a Senior Program Manager working for a research lab and the skills that you helped developed did contribute to making that happen!

I was in the $100-150K range (high end of that) after bonuses prior to new position but what I would emphasize is not the pay increase but the new opportunity opened up a wider aperture for me. I was almost at the ceiling of my previous position. The new opportunity gives me in a greater growth opportunity and on a track to be a COO or VP in 5-10 years at a small to mid-size government contracting company.

Eric Erhard
Senior Program Manager, RM Technology Solutions

- Entrepreneurs -

Mindset & Strategy Shifts Lead to Income Explosion 

"Within just a couple of sessions David's advice and simple strategies just really narrowed in on what I was missing…I actually ended up having my highest-grossing month this year, it was a multiple 5-figure month! And it was just filled with so much ease because of the support that I received.

David's very gifted at mindset work and seeing aspects within ourselves that are our blind spots...he genuinely cares about working with you and seeing you get results in a way that feels aligned in a way that feels genuine…so you need to hire him without a shadow of a doubt because he just knows how to laser focus on what you need!'

Vanessa Petronelli
Advisor/Mentor To Entrepreneurs,
Creative Professionals & Thought Leaders

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Less Stress = No Mess. More Fun, Money and Flow!

"David is amazing and deserving of a 5-star, platinum, diamond encrusted recommendation. Before I started coaching with David, my state of mind was a lot like a NYC traffic jam – cluttered, frustrating and keeping me from reaching my desired destination any time soon.

David shared some ideas and insights that supported my intention to calm down and prepare me for the discovery and creation of a massive vision for my life and business. He is insightful and intuitive and applied these tremendous gifts to co-pilot some gigantic shifts in my life that honored where I wanted to go. I give him my highest recommendation for any entrepreneur or executive looking for guidance and support in the quest of a greater sense of well-being, peace of mind and success."

Melodi Sheppard
CEO/Owner, essentia Webworks

30% Profit Increase In Just 90 Days

David’s coaching was vital to guiding my small business through this growth phase. I had no idea how vital the personal growth piece was to everything I do in my business. In just three months of coaching, I realized an over 30% increase in profits. 

Seeing the changes in my mindset and decision making over the last few months has been an eye opener in a very, very good way. I feel more present in everything I do, and more aware of the pitfalls I had been hung up on.

Joe Romeo
Owner, TechMinds

Better Clients Lead To Passionate Profits

I’ve gone through a complete mindset shift since coaching with David Hamilton.

David helped me identify and focus on the work activities that I really enjoy and that I’m good at. He also helped me identify my ideal client AND create a list of action steps that have allowed me to work with more of them, while only focusing on those business activities that really energize me.

The results have been amazing.

I’m having fun again, I’m focusing on my strengths and passions, and my business is making more money as a result. If you are an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, I would highly highly recommend signing up for David’s coaching!

Eric Evansted
Founder & CEO, Bootstrap Websites

Clarity & Breakthroughs Bring Next-Level Business Growth

"Coaching with David has brought my vision into complete clarity. The breakthroughs that we made have increased my productivity and profitability tenfold.

Just knowing what my ideal lifestyle and picture of success looks like has brought a laser-sharp focus and action steps to growing my businesses to the next level."

Nathaniel Bruno
Owner/Partner, College Hunks Hauling Junk

- All Around Breakthroughs & Other Life Areas-

Genuine Guy Gets Confident And Attracts His Ideal Relationship

"The Core Confidence stuff we worked on together allowed me to step into the room very confidently and be attractive...not in the the thought process of trying to impress her, pick her up. I ended up dating a lot that summer...through this work, I met my current girlfriend and we’re coming on 3 years of being in a relationship together!"

Joseph Bernstein
Men's Coach

Beating Shyness For An Amazing Wedding Day And Life Success

After getting engaged, my shyness and anxiety went through the roof. I wasn’t scared of the “until death do us part” thing. But instead I was scared of being the center of attention for my whole wedding day and reading my vows in front of people! I was still in David’s program when I got married.

With his help, my wedding day was the best memory I have next to my daughter being born, because I was able to live my life just the way I wanted to and break through my social anxiety and shyness limitations. Some of my favorite parts of the program are the meditation, and the breathing and body exercises. All of these things I still use almost daily.

This isn’t a onetime quick fix. However, with the tools...beating shyness can be one of the highlights of your life, like it is in mine. David genuinely cares about his clients. I’ve recommended it to a few people so far, and I will continue to sing praises about this program. Thank you David!”

Brezi M.
Mother & Photographer

Confidence Galore Brings True Love & Career Success

"It’s been 4 years since I first met you and embarked on the journey to have what I truly want in life and have another success story.... I just got engaged this July to the girl or señorita of my dreams.  We are tying the knot in 2 weeks. Couldn’t be happier with my life. I was just promoted to a principal associate senior software engineer at CapOne as well having only started last July 2021. My boss reminds me how rare that is. 😉 Made up with the family there which was big. 

Joel Hess
Senior Software Engineer

Triple Threat Overcomes Her Fear And Self-Doubt

Through David’s passion, perception and dedication, he enables his clients to create a vision that is vibrant and full of possibility, based on methods which guide each person towards their truth.

By putting in place active steps, David’s coaching generates incredible results and provides support to overcome fears and achieve the desired goals. With his incredible intuition and deep empathy, he is able to guide, break through clouds of confusion and tap into what is at the core of the issue.

David is always positive and generous, and working with him is a true adventure towards self-transformation and success.

Jeri Silverman
Singer | Actress | Dancer

All Around Confidence Breakthrough

David's program has helped me keep in mind and be aware of how I'm feeling, thinking and my behavior patterns that prevent me from being confident. I really got great results from the constant reinforcement about acceptance, taking committed action, doing the powerful growth assignments, and through David's guidance... 

I changed in so many different ways through the program...and so much more out of it than I ever thought I would! This program has been truly amazing. David has been a great coach and guide through the process of finding more self-confidence at work, in dating and all throughout my day-to-day life.

Cris Contreras
Sales Professional

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