Getting Resourceful to Find The Money To Invest In Your Program

Your coaching program is waiting for and you want to do it, and you’re committed to changing…

But you’re just having a little trouble finding the money, it’s the last hurdle.

Where there’s a WILL there’s a WAY and that’s why the list is available because sometimes the investment money is all around us in one form or another, we just don’t know it yet!

Did you know that most people have anywhere between $10,000 – $30,000 worth of stuff lying around that they barely use or don’t use at all? Or just they really don’t need but want to have it around “just in case”. Just in case of what?

We are conditioned to value material things over our own well being and life happiness directly, as if they will bring it.

The reason you reached out to me to get help with coaching was to fix those areas of life that REALLY matter. In my humble (or not so humble opinion) you should be selling stuff that doesn’t really matter except for those core things you might need or truly love.

Have any clothes or shoes around? That selling them would help you get the investment?

How about electronics, think you REALLY need them?


How about renting out a room on AirBnB…or even renting out your place and staying a friends or family for a bit?

Think I’m crazy? I think it’s crazy that we’ve been taught not to get resourceful for prioritizing.

What do you want more…that pair of expensive shoes (or few) or happiness in your relationships?

A sense of relaxation in who you are (that doesn’t go away) while all the things you buy…do?

Total belief in yourself that you’ll be able to achieve what you want, meet who you want to meet, and be who you want to be or…

That fancy TV hanging on your wall is more important?

That’s crazy I tell you.

Not to mention that once you feel like your authentic self you’ll more easily attract opportunities to make more money, get new jobs, hired, more clients etc.


Here is a list of creative ideas and financing options you can use to change your life with the Magnetic Attraction Breakthrough Program…

1. Checking account
2. Savings accounts
3. Credit cards
4. Combining several credit or debit cards
5. Emergency credit cards (you know, the one you’re saving for when you REALLY need something)
6. Credit card offers
7. New American Express (you can use instantly, and they normally even give you a cash back sign up bonus!)
8. PayPal balance (there can be leftover money hiding there!)
9. PayPal Credit: Application Link (also instant decision on approval)
10. Credit limit increase (call up your bank, you might be surprised at what they are willing to extend)

11. Retirement accounts or IRAs
12. New credit cards (check out, where you can search for available credit cards based on your credit rating, Chase Slate is also good if your credit is imperfect)
13. Personal loans: Zippyloan, Upgrade, Upstart, CashNetUSA, and CreditKarma
14. Peer to peer lending – Sofi, Prosper, and Lending Club
15. Business loans (for those who have or will have a small business) – ​Sprout Finanical, Kabbage, FastCapital360, Fundbox, LendingTree, Accion​
16. Business grants (for those who have or will have a small business) – check out EfundingNow and USAFundingApplications
17. Title loan on car
18. Home equity loan
19. Selling unused stuff on Craigslist or Ebay (the average American has over $30,000 (that’s right $30k!) of stuff they can sell that they don’t REALLY need)
20. Call in debts from people who owe you
21. A friend or family member who will invest in you (and it’s encouraged to pay them back with interest, most people are very happy if they can earn 10% annual interest on an investment)
22. Crowdfunding (start a GoFundMe!)
23. Rent out or Airbnb a room in your house
24. Extra work to earn more money25. Cut expenses to save more money